Monday, October 25, 2010

Car parking at KSRTC busstand (KBS - Majestic) - dont!

On Oct 24th I had to make a day ‘s trip to Hassan. Since I was starting early in the morning (5AM) I planned to come to KBS (Majestic) by my car and catch the bus. I was surprised on reaching the bus-stand to note that parking beyond 4 hrs costs Rs250! However I had no choice but to park and make my trip. I ended up paying as much as my trip to Hassan by bus for just the parking! A few years back I had found parking in the bus-stand a good option to avoid the steep auto fares but it does not seem to be so any longer. Is the steep hike meant to discourage long term parking considering the shortage of real estate in that area; Bangalore Metro taking up some of their space might have added to their woes. Or KSRTC's way of discouraging cars in the heart of the city (the way Singapore or London has a congestion tax).

In any case it was a good lesson for me. I should check out if the satellite bus stand on mysore road has reasonable charges as earlier – one can park there and take a shuttle service to Majestic.
So bottomline is if you plan to park for more than 4 hrs - Majestic bus-stand car park is not an option!