Thursday, November 18, 2010

Try BWSSB's call center 22238888 - It works!

Have you encountered a water leak as you travel through the city and felt an anguish but did not know what do (who will take the effort of finding the contact number, and even if I call will somebody respond etc...)?
Here is a pleasant surprise BWSSB's call center which has been operational from some time works quite well. I have used it multiple times and every time the person on the other side is courteous and takes down all details. More than that they send you an SMS with a complaint number and even call you to check if the problem has been fixed. They take care of mapping the complaint to the BWSSB office concerned etc.
Further if the complaint is not attended to within a stipulated time, it gets escalated to the next level. So in general I have seen that the problems get fixed promptly.
So here is a govt agency who seems to have got its act right. So the next time you see that water leak do not tarry - call 2223888 any time of the day or night!

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