Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have you ever thought of Social Investment?

For starters Social Investment is an investment not charity but for social purposes. You get the satisfaction of helping the needy and also get your money back with a modest interest.
On one side we have this huge poverty challenge and many of the rural poor trying to make a living and looking for some capital to give them a break (as low as Rs 5000). On the other hand there are quite a few busy urban people who want do something socially relevant but do not know how. This is where Social Investment comes in. Internationally there are organizations like kiva. The one I would like highlight here is our own desi organization Rangde which started off 2006 and has grown quite impressively with about 3,350 investors making investments to the tune of over 6 crore impacting the lives of close to 12,000 borrowers as of Jan 2012 .
They have an impressive website which links the investors and the borrowers backed up by a professional and dedicated team. I have been an investor since 2008 and have always had a pleasant experience in interacting with the team.
So what are you waiting for? You can start with as low an investment as Rs100. Start Today!


CM Reddy said...

you have been telling me since long, now I will invest

Jaga said...

Thank you sir!